Ensuring China was no longer dependent on overseas chip manufacturers became a priority for Beijing after Washington denied Huawei access to American software and hardware components. Much of this remains top secret, but a rare report from Nikkei Asia
Confusion continues to reign on the issue of decoupling. On the one hand, authorities in Washington and Beijing regularly announce new initiatives to…
Good morning here in London, and, obviously, a very remarkable day here in London. I was walking around, going to dinner, when I heard the news about…
Habitat, created by Lucasfilms Games in 1985, was one of the first large scale commercial virtual environments. The system was developed to support a…
The Ring of the Nibelung is the story of a magic ring granting its possessor the power to rule the world. It is never very clear what this power…
One of the most persistent themes in my writing has been what I would call Eurasian dialectic. Here is what that means:
There is a normal and understandable temptation to think about the Ukraine war in terms of the great battles of the past between Western democracies and…
Few other concepts are so mysterious or at least paradoxical. The Indo-Pacific was invented as a precursor to a great movement of Asian self-affirmation…
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